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surfboards for sale

Looking for a new or used Surfboard?
Welcome to Boardauctons.com where we take the confusion out of buying a new or used Surfboard. Everything from researching to actually buying a Surfboard is covered on this site. These pages have been created by Surfers for Surfers and especially for those that may be new to the sport. Find new or used surfboards on the East Coast, West coast or anywhere in in US for that matter.
Our Surfboard Buyers Guide gives you the tools you need to research and purchase your new or used surfboard. Our Surfboard guide covers everything you will need to know about the different types of boards available. Everything incuding height/weight charts and Surfboard design concepts are discussed so that you can make an informed decision as to what your new board will be.
Boardauctions.com Surfboard Reviews pages gives you a rundown of the latest Surfboards. With first hand reviews by experienced Surfers coupled with video from shapers and pro's detailing the design concepts and features for each model. Check back from time to time to see what we've managed to get our mitts on.
Want to know what's going on in the Surfing world? Updated daily, our Global Surfing News feeds provide the latest information on the industry. Get the latest competition results or see what the pro's are up to.
Check out the swell before you go with our West Coast Surf Reports. No point in getting to the beach only to find you should have packed your fishing rod instead. If it really is flat then kill some time with our our Flash Surfing Game.
Once you've figured out what sort of Surfboard will suit you best, head to our Surfboard Auctions page to buy a new or used surfboard as well as any accessories you need.
Use the store pages in the menu to the right to navigate through great deals on new and used surfing equipment. Purchasing and bidding via our auctions page helps support this site. Auctions are via eBay.com and there are no doubt hundreds of Surfboards for Sale.
Thank you for visiting boardauctions.com. We hope you enjoy your stay.
surfboards for sale


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