surf board reviews
Surfboard Reviews
With all the different surfboards available out there it can be extremily difficult to figure out which board is right for you without trying each and every one. Of course it is near impossible to try out 10 or 15 different boards to see which suits you best thus making quality Surfboard reviews that much more important. In our reviews section we aim to test a number of different style boards from a number of different manufacturers to give you the best possible overall coverage.
Read our own reviewers first hand experiences as well as watching video from the shaper or pro riders as they discuss the model in review.
You can navigate to the different reviews by selecting the board from the "Surfboard Reviews" catergory to the right. Alternatively you can use the links below.
Our available reviews so far are the;
7S Superfish
Webber - Afterburner
Channel Islands - Flyer II

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